SJS Celebrates National Engineer's Week 2019


For their Iditarod STEAM investigation, our SJS preschoolers learned about Balto and how the famous sled dog had to bring medicine to the sick children in Nome, Alaska. Our students talked about how to keep a dog's foot dry in the ice and snow, and used several materials to test this out. After wrapping ice cubes in plastic, paper, wax paper, and foil, the preschoolers checked to see which material kept the ice cube from melting and leaking out. They wrapped the dog’s paws in plastic, wax paper and foil and put them in a bowl of ice to see which material would keep the dog's paw dry. The students loved petting the dog’s paw to see if it was wet, and they discovered that the plastic and wax paper were the best booties for the dog! 


In their study of the Iditarod, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades discussed how we can use the gifts God gave us to create a robotic paw for a disabled sled dog. We first did a prototype using our hand, and then modified our design for the anatomy of a dog’s paw.


Our third grade STEAM Activity was the Arctic Dogsled Design Challenge. The students' goals were to build a dogsled with a safety harness for the musher that would use the least amount of weight to successfully pull it across the finish line. Great job third grade!
5th - 8th GRADE
For their Iditarod STEAM investigation, our 5th-8th graders were tasked with building “solar panels” for use on a dogsled. The students had to use the Muira fold to ensure easy accessibility for mushers and then create a way to secure the panels to the dogsled. This was not easy! Our SJS students persevered in seeing the project through with great success!
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