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Homework for Mrs. Cap's Classes

Homework for Mrs. Cap's Classes  Social Studies
Grade 3     Grade 4   Grade 5   Grade 6 quizzes (optional)
Look over money magazine for tomorrow. You will have the magazine with you to answer my questions
Your Chapter 2 section 2 quiz will be on Feb.28
 Finish you classwk pages by Monday or do for hw. Monday
Make sure to study map for quiz on Feb. 26th
Your Chapter 6 section 1 and 2 quiz will be March 1st
 look over vocab cards and buy new ones if necessary
Grade 7    Grade 8  look over vocab. cards
 review all vocab./make sure you know the info. on class pages and have them finished by Friday /Mon.  
 complete class pages for hw
study for map quiz on South America
Your 6.2 and 6.4 quiz will be on
Your map quiz is this fri.
  review all vocab for the chapter section/complete review activity
your 6.3 quiz is on 2/27