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The library curriculum has three layers: nurturing the love of books, accessing online databases and print reference materials that connect to classroom units, and building online search skills for the lifelong learner. All grades are assigned individual library time each week.


Books are borrowed for two weeks. Students are responsible for the careful handling of books, as well as the prompt return of borrowed materials.


The mission of the Saint Joseph School Library is to guide students toward becoming independent, information literate individuals who are able to access, filter, and utilize pertinent data from a variety of appropriate sources, including print and electronic. Students are immersed in outstanding literature that allows them to foster a love of books and reading.


Accelerated Reader provides the essential practice component of our core reading curriculum. In addition to making reading practice fun and exciting for every student, Accelerated Reader gives continuous feedback to personalize instruction so every student achieves maximum success.


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an independent reading program established for students in grades two through eight. It is an integral part of each student’s reading grade.


After reading a book, the student logs onto a school computer and completes comprehension questions about the book from the AR Database. The book level is a composite of the depth of questions, vocabulary difficulty, abstract reasoning, and length of the book. Each language arts teacher sets the marking period goals for his/her class. Students are recognized at the end of the year for excellent comprehension scores in each of the four marking periods.


The Accelerated Reader program is completely online and students log into their accounts through our school's private portal.  


There are over 400,000 titles included in our AR system!  To determine if a book is an AR book, you can access the online database through from any device with internet access.

Find out if your book is an AR book by accessing
from any device with internet access!