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Message from the President



I would like to welcome you to the 2018-2019 St. Joseph School year. A special welcome goes to the new families who joined our  our school this year. We have been given a great opportunity to be further involved with such a wonderful school by being part of the Home School Association.


In these extraordinary times, your decision to send your children to St. Joseph School is a bold act of faith and commitment to ideals higher than those sometimes set by the world around us. We are very proud to have such a positive and enthusiastic group of families fill the school. It is so amazing to see the desire for so many parents to help guide and foster, not just their children, but all the children in the community of St. Joseph’s. We hope to continue and build on this amazing standard by reinforcing the volunteerism and activism each of you give to our community.


The Home School Association is comprised of parents of the students attending St. Joseph School and our principal, Lori Arends.


The mission of the HSA, as set by the Paterson Diocesan Federation of HSA, is as follows:

• Develop and maintain a partnership between the home and the school

• Provide opportunities for parents to strengthen their parenting skills

• Encourage communication and collaboration

• Empower parents to strengthen home and school relationships and encourage their participation and involvement in the total life of the school

• Advocate for Catholic school education

• Nourish the spiritual development of the total school community

• Promote all school sponsored activities

• Cultivate traditional and non-traditional sources of funding to meet the financial and physical resource need of the school


Additionally, the HSA provides a financial commitment to the school, provided through the various annual fundraising events and activities. The committee also serves to support and encourage parental volunteerism which enhances the success of St. Joseph School, while offering social, spiritual, and educational opportunities for all.


Lisa Sansano

HSA President

2018-2019 HSA Events, Activities, Fundraisers & Volunteer Opportunities