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Faculty Class and Email Listing » Teacher and Staff Class and Email Listing

Teacher and Staff Class and Email Listing



Email Address

Lori Arends


Cathleen Witczak

Coordinator of Student Services 

Karen Johnson

Director of Business Operations

 Jennifer Pasuit

Computer Teacher

Janice Backer

School Nurse

Lynne Douglas

Kindergarten Teacher

Beth Scarcella

Grade 1 Aide; Social Studies Teacher, Grade 1 

Barbara Bolehala

Grade 1 Teacher

Theresa Zignauskas

Grade 2 Teacher

Katherine Schommer

Grade 3 Teacher 

Carol Connolly

Grade 4 Teacher

 Claire Lambariello

Grade 5 Teacher, Language Arts Teacher, Grade 5 & 6 

Carol Forte

Grade 6 Teacher, Upper Grade Science Teacher

Heather McCarthy

Grade 7 Teacher, Language Arts Teacher Grade 7 & 8

Dorota Kearney

Grade 8 Teacher, Upper Grade Math teacher

Amy Noonan

Upper Grade Math Teacher, Library Teacher

Andrea Gower

Spanish Teacher

Mary Healey

Lower Grade Math Teacher,

Michelle Capodiferro

Social Studies Teacher grades 3-8

Jessica Simmons

Cafeteria Manager, Extended Care Manager

Patty Mullens

Extended Care Aide 

Laurie Stanton

Extended Care Aide 


Mary Pat Davies

Music Teacher

Kevin Vrabel

Physical Education Teacher

Christine Segale

Art Teacher

Jim Cillo

Facilities Manager

Rui Pinto

Maintenance Department