Mrs. Jennifer Pasuit » Welcome To Technology Education at Saint Joseph School!

Welcome To Technology Education at Saint Joseph School!

What is Technology Education at Saint Joseph School?
Technology education is so many things! It is applying the most up-to-date digital techniques to facilitate learning. It is computer science. It is MAKING! It is project-based with real-world application. It is student-centered, collaborative, and globally oriented. Saint Joseph School ensures it's students embody Catholic values and demonstrate advanced 21st-century critical thinking skills essential in today's marketplace.
Makerspace Unveiling!

Saint Joseph School is thrilled to unveil our very own Makerspace - “The Imagination Station”. This year-long project was inspired by our visionary principal, Mrs. Lori Arends. Through the collaboration of our building administrators, hard-working maintenance staff, generous donors, parent volunteers, and intelligent students, this once stagnant storage location has been transformed into a vibrant, state-of-the-art workspace.

Throughout the school year, students will be visiting the Makerspace to collaborate, imagine, invent, and express themselves through self-guided projects. The Makerspace provides the opportunity for students to make relevant, cross-curricular connections while building skill in a variety of hands-on techniques. These include, but are not limited to, paper and cardboard crafting, reverse engineering with common hand tools (also called Breakerspace), hand and machine sewing, electronic manufacture, 3-D printing, and hot-wire sculpting.

In the coming months, the creativity, ingenuity, and artistry of our students will be represented in work inspired by their own vision. Personally, I cannot wait to see their imagination take physical form. Please take the opportunity to stop by during conferences. This safe, stimulating, and synergistic Makerspace brings out the imagination in us all.